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Media contact:
Rebecca Neild
Air Service and Marketing Manager
Direct number: 260-446-3448

Airport Public Safety
Phone: 260-747-2624

Facts and Figures

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Parking and Live Shots

Media personnel in marked vehicles may park curbside before the stop sign prior to the terminal building. If news media is on assignment attending a media event at FWACAA, parking validation will be provided by Airport Authority staff.

In the case of a serious incident or emergency, the Airport Authority will designate a staging area for media parking. Media will be alerted via email, telephone, or social media of the location of the staging area.

Airfield Access

Airfield access is strictly controlled. Requests for filming in the aircraft operations area and near the apron will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Prior notification is essential to ensure adequate staffing for escort duties. Requests for access will be accommodated to the extent of manpower, operational considerations and safety permit. In the event of an emergency situation, or other events that require the full attention of the Airport Operations staff, a prearranged tour may be cancelled.

Emergency Information and Procedures

It is the policy of the Airport Authority to cooperate with the news media, and public, to the greatest extent possible. Our primary responsibility is to maintain safe, orderly and secure airport operations. When an emergency situation arrives at FWA or SMD that are expected to attract extensive media attention, it is important that the media is respectful of Airport Authority communications. Airport Authority staff members do not act as spokespeople for the airlines.

Following an emergency situation, the media will be briefed by an Airport Authority representative with confirmed information, as well as information regarding outside agencies assisting with the emergency. The media will be given access to the scene of the emergency or incident as soon as the scene has been deemed secure. Assembly points will be designated by the Airport Authority Public Safety Department. The media will not be allowed to interfere with pedestrian or vehicle flow, or with airline, airport, tenant and concession operations.

In the case of a non-aviation emergency situation, the Director of Operations and Facilities will coordinate the release of information. These incidents include traffic accidents and criminal activity that occur on airport property.

Emergency Categories

Alert I (precautionary landing/takeoff)
Fire and rescue units are notified that a potential emergency exists, and are on standby
for dispatch if necessary.

Alert II (potential emergency)
Fire and rescue units are dispatched to standby near the appropriate area as a precaution.

Alert III (accident)
Fire and rescue units respond to the scene of an accident or emergency incident.

Agencies Involved in Emergency Situations

FWACAA Operations
Airport Operations retains operational control of the airport during aircraft emergency situations.

FWACAA Public Safety Department (PSD)
The Airport Public Safety Department is responsible for initial emergency and rescue effort following an aircraft incident or airport emergency, as well as establishing security at the incident site.

The airline involved in the emergency situation is responsible for providing information regarding passengers, and detailed information about the aircraft, flight and crew. They are also responsible for informing the friends and families of victims before information is made public.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
The NTSB will take control of the aircraft and its contents from the time fire and rescue efforts are conducted until all factual information is gathered from the aircraft.
National: 202-314-6000
Central Region: 303-373-3500

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Various branches of the FAA have responsibility in an aircraft emergency and the FAA operates the air traffic control tower. The air traffic controllers are responsible for the aircraft in flight, as well as the aircraft movement on the airfield. Air traffic control is responsible for initiating an aircraft emergency alert.
National: 202-267-3883
Great Lakes Region: 847-294-7427

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
The FBI has jurisdiction if a hijacking, hostage-taking, or terrorism-related incident occurs aboard an aircraft that is still on the ground.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
TSA is the federal agency responsible for airport screening. They will respond to all security-related inquiries.
Local: 260-478-0902
National: 202-385-1800
Press Office: 571-227-2829

Airline Activity Reports

Each month an Airline Activity Report is presented at our board meetings. Check this section regularly for new and archived Airline Activity Reports.

Press Releases

Keep up with the latest reports in local, regional and national media outlets about everything that’s happening at Fort Wayne International and Smith Field Airports!

May 23

Service Animal Relief Area Comes to Fort Wayne International Airport

Service Animal Relief Area Comes to Fort Wayne International Airport Fort Wayne, Ind. – Service animals, and other pets traveling through Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA), will now be able to use indoor facilities in the terminal building. FWA recently completed a three-month long restroom remodel project…